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Same Day Movers is a professional removalist business that acknowledges the value and need for packers and movers services at affordable prices. We have come a long way from a small range of removalist services in Middle Beach to a wide range of entire residential and commercial relocation services throughout the country. Our years of hard work has earned Same Day Movers the much appreciated trust and faith of clients as they suggest our name to their relatives and friends as well. We offer a myriad of removalist services which also include warehousing, freight station, office relocation, and supply chain services. Same Day Movers is the best removalist Middle Beach

Who Are We?

We have been in this industry for more than 20 years. Same Day Movers strives to serve its customers throughout Australia while trying to deliver quality packing and moving service at cheap rates. Our motto is to always be ready to meet the requirements of much valued clients and always go the extra mile to bring down the effective cost service for them.

Same Day Movers is a leading name in removal business all over Australia which offers its clients everything from furniture removal to entire office relocation and setup. Our team comprises of trained movers who have years of experience and have their background checked. With this, we make certain that you get safe and exceptional services at affordable pricing. You can get an estimated cost of best professional removalist service by going to the ‘Pricing’ tab on the top right corner [change] of your screen.

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    Our Priority is Customer Satisfaction

    Same Day Movers makes sure its team of removalist are friendly and well behaved in order to serve you best. We have a special customer service team which is there to help you with your concerns and issues regarding booking, rescheduling, cancellation, and complaints. Our priority is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and nothing else. No matter what you need, Same Day Movers will always be there for you.

    We also understand that sometimes unexpected events or things which are beyond your control can affect your relocation. But rest assured that we will do everything in our hands to resolve such problems. You can check out customer testimonials for our affordable removalist services by scrolling down [or up].

    Expert Removalist
    Professional Removalist Service
    Professional Removalist Service

    Our Offices

    Although our main office is located in Middle Beach, we provide professional removalist services all over the country with our widespread depots. We cover all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Middle Beach, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra, and Gold Coast.

    With a huge network of removalist depots located conveniently all over Australia, we are able to provide 24/7 services to offer you the convenience of time. It also takes us less time to get to your premises and there is zero depot fees.

    Our Vans and Trucks

    Same Day Movers owns a large range of vans and trucks that help in providing the right size of vehicle to clients.

    • Our 2-ton capacity van is best suited for transporting all the contents of single room of about 12 cubic meters.
    • Our 4-ton capacity truck can accommodate contents of about 25 cubic meters space which is typically one large or two small bedrooms.
    • Our 6-ton capacity truck is best more than three bedrooms or two bedrooms and a spacious living room that takes almost 40 to 50 cubic meters.
    • Our 8-ton capacity truck is most suited for large relocations such as more than four bedrooms (including all indoor and outdoor fixtures). It can also be used for medium sized office relocations.

    We are sure to have the right type of vehicle for your needs.

    Why Hire Us?

    Moving to a new place can be both physically and emotionally stressful for people. Relocating is entirely different from day to day household chores which you manage without any professional help. There are so many things to do like arranging for a truck, packing things correctly to make sure they don’t break, loading them, and then unloading when they finally get to their destination. All this can give you a headache even if you have a small family and light-weight furniture.

    Save Time and Money

    Unless you have a lot of prior experience in packing and moving everything by yourself and you have only a few belongings, arranging for everything can cost you a large amount of time. You will have to take a lot of time off work in order to organize every step of your move. On the other hand, you can avoid all this by simply calling us to book our services. Same Day Movers experts will take care of everything for you and arrange your move within a short span of time.

    Our prices are cheap and fair so that everyone can afford our services. Same Day Movers aims to serve as many clients as possible. You can also get an estimated quote before opting for our services.

    Hassle-Free Move

    The best advantage of hiring Same Day Movers is that we ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. We will do everything for you. Arranging for trucks, wrapping up everything, loading them into trucks, and unloading them at the destination. You can leave all the heavy lifting to our experts. Just tell us your needs and let our professional removalists take care of everything.

    Alternatively, you can hire the help of Same Day Movers best removalist service in Australia in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. We are a trustworthy name in packers and movers industry. Here are some reasons why you should call us for your next home shift or office relocation:

    Our Services

    Same Day Movers offers a wide range of removalist services:

    • Office Relocation

      When shifting your office premises from one place to another, your priority should be to get the new location ready for work. Minimise your wastage of time over moving and focus on getting back to business.

    • Home Moving

      Households contain a large amount of items which require special care and packing of professionals while moving. Avoid any damage and loss by calling Same Day Movers today!

    • Furniture Moving

      One try at lifting the display cabinet is enough to convince anyone. Household furniture can be bulky for which you should hire the help of experienced people. Moreover, you shouldn’t risk moving furniture yourself if your building has narrow doorways and stairs.

    • Complete Door to Door Service

      After unloading the boxes and moving them to your apartment, it will be cumbersome if you have to arrange them all by yourself. Don’t worry, our complete door to door service takes care of that too. We will arrange your entire premises just like you want. You won’t need to do a single thing except sit back and relax!

    Call Us Today!

    Same Day Movers provides best removalist services in Australia. Our rates are cheap and affordable. Call us today to book an appointment and get a free quote of our services. You can also get in touch with our experts by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen. Our team will get back to you in no time at all.

    Best Removalist Service
    Best Removalist Service

    Location: Middle Beach, SA, Australia